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The following should be considered when choosing a stick:

  • Pricing
  • Types of stick heads
  • Types of pockets
  • Types of handles
  • Call  Zenith


There are three things to consider when pricing a women's lacrosse stick: 1. The player's age and ability. It may not be wise to buy a beginner's stick for an older  player as their skills may develop quicker. 2. The position the player will be playing. Some sticks are more flexible in the head and may not be proper for a defender. Whereas other sticks may be offset more and will provide more accuracy and shooting power. 3. How much dedication the player has to the sport. It is not wise to spend a great deal of money on a stick if the player is not sure how long she will be interested in the sport . But in the end remember that you most likely want a stick that your player will grow into rather than out of.

Types of Stick Heads

There are several different types of stick heads. First there are   (The AVA,Allure, Pixie,AVA) that are recommended for the beginning player. This type of head makes it easy to learn catching and throwing.
Offset heads like the Impulse Pro and Apex Pro from deBeer , SlingshotM, ULTRAlight from Harrow, and Anthem from Brine,  are created for the more advanced player and have different release points to increase accuracy and shot speed. This type of head is geared mostly to the more technically sound player.  

Types of Pockets

There are many types of pocket options available now for the women's game. First of all is the Traditional pocket which is the original method of lacrosse stringing. This incorporates usually 4 natural leather thongs that run vertically from top to bottom in the stick head and is then interlaced with a coated string to give strength and a web affect to the stick for ball retention. Second there is the Trakker pocket from Debeer. These pockets are made up of synthetic leather thongs that are sewn together to create a pocket that requires very little adjustment and is extremely weather resistant. These pockets do not have as much adjustability and feel as a traditional pocket but are good for beginning players or players who do not like to have to consistently adjust their pockets. Next is the Pro-Trakker/Grpper Pocket from Debeer and the snap pocket from Harrow, TXP from Brine. These pockets incorporate various pocket styles of both traditional and synthetic. These pockets has two natural leathers that are on the outsides of two synthetic leathers that are sewn together between them. This pocket provides a lot of adjustability in that the center section can be strung or adjusted to hang lower than the outside. This creates greater ball retention and shot speed and accuracy. This is even more accented by the lower sidewalls found on some of today's sticks.  We  are keen on these pockets as they need little break in and soon form a natural pocket. 

Types of Handles

Aluminum: This is a basic type of shaft that comes with stock complete lacrosse sticks. Usually these handles are a little heavier. But they are durable and make a good choice for beginning players.

Aluminum is a temperature sensitive material and the player may require tape or gloves for improved grip and warmth in the winter. Some aluminium handles are given a coating which creates a softer feel. In time the coating will wear .

Alloy: More and more, alloy compounds are showing up in the women's lacrosse market place. These handles are an aluminum base that is mixed with a lighter metal including titanium to create a lighter handle while maintaining the strength. Alloy handles use thinner walled tubing and come in a variety of shapes. You will usually see codes such as 803 on the handle, which will denote alloy composition on some alloy handles. Alloy handles are also temperature sensitive. But their strength to weight ratio makes them a good choice for upper level players.

Composite Handles: Composite handles have now hit the market big time. Companies such as Harrow, Brine , deBeer  have brought their versions to the market. The composite handles have several properties, which make them now worthy of the price tags they carry. First of all, composite shafts are extremely temperature consistent. Composite material does not get hot and cold like alloy and aluminum shafts, this can eliminate the need for tape and gloves for players who do not like to use them. Secondly, composite shafts on the market today have a textured surface or tacified surface that is very acceptable during wet weather conditions. Finally,composite shafts are extremely lightweight and extremely strong. With the reduced possibility of breakage and the ability of quicker stick work.  Harrow   is  the brand leader.  They have also developed the Solo stick which is a one peice stick made of grahite, light and has aflex point at the hand position , rather than the head

They are also available in an array of colours and graphics making them very eye catching. 

note ;   the Apex pro,  and Essence are TOS  heads and can only be matched with a TOS (bent) handle . If you  like Harrow handles do not buy a TOS head. 

Call the Women's Lacrosse Experts at Zenith Sports:

Zenith Sports are women's lacrosse experts who will help you choose the best lacrosse stick.  your stick. Contact us by e-mail.

Warning:  many sticks sold in the USA are not legal in the UK, due to different rules.   Legal sticks for UK use are shown on the FIL website .  The heads nust be approved by the FIL. If it is not on the FIL list , it is not legal. Be safe, buy your stick from Zenith, we only sell FIL approved sticks. 


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